HydraLite can help treat:

Dull skin

Restores brightness and adds a radiant glow to lifeless, tired skin.

Uneven Skin Tone

Works to balance color disparities and improves overall skin tone.


Targeted treatments can help lighten age spots, sun spots, and melasma.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Stimulates collagen production to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Texture Issues

Improves skin's surface by reducing the appearance of scars, acne marks, and other textural irregularities.

Dry or Dehydrated Skin

Provides intense hydration, tackling dryness and flakiness.

Enlarged Pores

The combination of HydraFacial and Laser Genesis effectively reduces the size of enlarged pores.

Acne and Acne-Prone Skin

Helps control acne breakouts by reducing sebum production and targeting acne-causing bacteria.

Rosacea & Redness

Laser Genesis is particularly effective in reducing redness and the appearance of superficial blood vessels.

Early Signs of Aging

Addresses and delays the onset of early aging signs like loss of skin elasticity and dullness.

Oily Skin

Helps balance oil production through deep cleansing and targeted treatments.

Puffy or Swollen Skin

The lymphatic drainage component of HydraFacial aids in reducing puffiness and swelling.

Skin Detoxification

Aids in removing toxins from the skin, contributing to a healthier complexion.

Introducing HydraLite: The Ultimate Skin Revitalization Protocol

At Skin Cosmetics London, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving and introducing cutting-edge treatments to deliver unparalleled results to our clients. With that, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest offering: HydraLite, the future of comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

What is HydraLite?

HydraLite is a bespoke combination treatment protocol, meticulously curated by our expert team, to merge two of the industry’s most esteemed facial treatments – HydraFacial and Laser Genesis. By layering these two signature treatments, HydraLite offers an unmatched synergy to provide transformative results for your skin.

Benefits of HydraLite

Skin Brightening: Witness an undeniable luminosity as the dual-action treatments work in harmony to light up your complexion.
Evening Skin Tone: Say goodbye to uneven patches and hello to a consistently radiant skin tone.
Reducing Hyperpigmentation: The combined might of HydraFacial and Laser Genesis targets stubborn dark spots, reducing their appearance and preventing future occurrences.
Anti-Ageing: Harness the power of HydraLite to combat the signs of ageing, imparting a youthful, rejuvenated look to your skin.

HydraLite’s Dual Treatment Process

HydraFacial: This multi-step process starts with a deep cleansing, followed by extraction, and hydrating serums infused with nourishing ingredients. A unique feature of our HydraFacial is the inclusion of lymphatic drainage, designed to detoxify the skin and boost circulation. The treatment culminates with LED therapy, known for its anti-inflammatory and collagen-boosting properties.
Laser Genesis: As the second layer of this elite treatment protocol, Laser Genesis seamlessly follows, delivering gentle yet potent laser energy to the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen production, evens out redness, and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

For Everyone and Every Skin Type

At Skin Cosmetics London, inclusivity is paramount. The HydraLite treatment protocol is designed to be safe on all skin types. Moreover, this 2-in-1 treatment ensures that clients can immediately return to their daily routine with no downtime, making it a favorite for those who seek results without interruption.

Reinvent the way you care for your skin with HydraLite. Experience unparalleled skin revitalization that is more than just skin deep. Book your session now and step into a brighter, more radiant tomorrow.

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    TreatmentTraditional lasers (Q-switched Nd:YAG)Picosure (picosecond laser)
    Treatment Intensity★★★★★★★★ ☆ ☆
    Effective for coloured tattoos?NoYes
    Number of treatments needed15+5-10 (depends on tattoo colour, density & size)
    Downtime24-48 hours (more intense)24-48 hours (less intense)
    Tissue trauma✔️Minimal
    Pulse widthNanoseconds (billionth of a second)Picoseconds (trillionths of a second)- Ultra-fast
    Mechanism of actionPhotothermal (generates heat)Photomechanical (little to no heat)
    Technology standardOlder standardCurrent gold standard
    Risk of adverse reactionsPresentVery rare

    What can HydraLite treat?

    HydraLite, a combination treatment of HydraFacial and Laser Genesis, can effectively treat a range of skin conditions and cosmetic concerns. Here are the indications that HydraLite can address:

    Dull Skin: Brightens and revitalizes, giving the skin a luminescent glow.
    Uneven Skin Tone: Harmonizes disparities in the complexion, ensuring a consistent, radiant tone.
    Hyperpigmentation: Targets and reduces dark spots, age spots, and sun spots, offering a clearer complexion.
    Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The anti-ageing properties combat early signs of ageing, smoothing out minor lines and imparting a youthful appearance.
    Enlarged Pores: Helps in minimizing the appearance of large pores, giving the skin a smoother texture.
    Mild Acne and Acne Scars: While not primarily an acne treatment, the combination can help in reducing inflammation and the appearance of post-acne marks.
    Redness and Rosacea: Laser Genesis, in particular, is known for its capability to reduce redness and treat symptoms of rosacea.
    Skin Laxity: Boosts collagen production, which can help in firming up areas with mild skin sagging.
    Texture Irregularities: Smooths out rough patches and overall skin texture, giving a soft, even feel.
    Lymphatic Issues: The lymphatic drainage aspect of the HydraFacial can help reduce puffiness and promote healthier skin by improving toxin removal.
    Environmental Damage: Counteracts the effects of environmental stressors, such as sun damage and pollution.

    By addressing these indications, HydraLite not only enhances the skin’s appearance but also promotes its overall health and vitality. As always, individual results may vary, and it’s crucial to consult with a skincare professional to determine the best treatment protocol for specific concerns.

    How does HydraLite work?

    HydraLite, the innovative combination of HydraFacial and Laser Genesis treatments, employs a synergistic approach to skin revitalization. By integrating the specific strengths of each treatment, HydraLite offers a comprehensive solution to various skin concerns. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

    Deep Cleansing & Exfoliation: The process begins with the HydraFacial treatment, which uses vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells and any impurities from the surface.
    Extraction: HydraFacial’s gentle vacuum suction extracts clogged pores, clearing them of sebum and dirt, leading to a reduction in breakouts and improving the overall appearance of the skin.
    Hydration: Special hydrating serums infused with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are delivered deep into the skin’s layers, replenishing moisture and promoting elasticity.
    Lymphatic Drainage: An essential component of the HydraFacial, this process aids in detoxifying the skin. By boosting circulation and removing toxins, it can help reduce puffiness and enhance the skin’s natural radiance.
    LED Therapy: The HydraFacial concludes with LED light therapy. Red LED light helps in collagen stimulation for anti-ageing benefits, while blue LED light targets acne-causing bacteria, promoting clearer skin.
    Laser Genesis Application: As the HydraFacial sets the stage, the Laser Genesis treatment follows. This non-invasive laser technology works by gently heating the upper dermis, a layer below the skin’s surface.
    Collagen Stimulation:The warmth from the laser boosts collagen production, which is essential for youthful, plump skin.
    Redness Reduction: Laser Genesis effectively targets the tiny blood vessels that cause redness, making it an excellent treatment for conditions like rosacea.
    Texture and Scar Treatment: The gentle heat also smooths out the skin, reducing the appearance of minor scars, fine lines, and other textural irregularities.
    Safe for All Skin Types: The combination of these two treatments ensures that HydraLite is versatile and safe for various skin types, addressing multiple concerns in one session.

    In essence, HydraLite works by amalgamating deep cleansing, hydration, collagen stimulation, and targeted laser therapy. This multi-faceted approach addresses not only the surface-level concerns but also the deeper, underlying issues of the skin, ensuring a comprehensive revitalization.

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    HydraLite Treatment Steps at Skin Cosmetics London

    Treatment Step by Step

    Consultation and Skin Analysis

    Before any treatment begins, our experienced estheticians will conduct a thorough skin analysis to understand your specific needs and ensure the HydraLite treatment is tailored just for you.


    The skin is gently cleansed to remove any surface oils or makeup, creating a blank canvas for the treatment.

    Deep Cleansing & Exfoliation (HydraFacial)

    Using the unique vortex-fusion delivery system, dead skin cells and impurities are removed, giving the skin a refreshed feel.

    Gentle Extraction (HydraFacial)

    A painless vacuum-assisted extraction process clears the pores of sebum, dirt, and other impurities, promoting a clearer complexion.

    Hydration Infusion (HydraFacial)

    Essential hydrating serums, packed with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, are infused deep into the skin’s layers, nourishing and plumping the skin.

    Lymphatic Drainage (HydraFacial)

    This step detoxifies the skin, enhancing circulation, reducing puffiness, and promoting the removal of toxins.

    LED Light Therapy (HydraFacial)

    Depending on the skin’s needs, either red or blue LED light is used. Red light stimulates collagen production for anti-ageing benefits, while blue light combats acne-causing bacteria.

    Laser Genesis Treatment

    • With the skin prepped and primed by the HydraFacial, Laser Genesis is then applied. This non-invasive laser technology gently warms the upper dermis below the skin’s surface.
    • Collagen production is stimulated, leading to a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and promoting youthful skin.
    • It targets tiny blood vessels, reducing redness and improving overall skin tone.
    • The laser also addresses texture irregularities, smoothing out minor scars and other textural issues.

    Post-Treatment Care

    Our experts will provide guidance on aftercare, ensuring you get the most out of your HydraLite treatment. This might include specific moisturizers, sunscreens, or other skincare recommendations to enhance and maintain the treatment benefits.


    We at Skin Cosmetics London believe in holistic care. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled to assess the results and advise on any further treatments or skincare routines.

    Embark on your journey to radiant and rejuvenated skin with the HydraLite treatment at Skin Cosmetics London. Each step has been carefully curated to ensure the best results, culminating in a comprehensive skincare experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is HydraLite safe? Is it safe for all skin types?

    Yes, HydraLite, which combines the strengths of HydraFacial and Laser Genesis, is designed to be a safe treatment. Each component has been extensively studied and used in the skincare industry, with a track record of safety and effectiveness.

    Safety of HydraLite Components:

    1. HydraFacial:
      • The HydraFacial treatment is a non-invasive procedure that primarily focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin.
      • It employs a gentle vortex-fusion delivery system, which minimizes the risk of irritation or adverse reactions.
      • The solutions used in HydraFacial are generally mild and suitable for a variety of skin types.
    2. Laser Genesis:
      • Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser treatment known for its gentle approach to skin rejuvenation.
      • It does not cause the skin to break, thereby reducing the risk of infection or significant post-treatment irritation.
      • The controlled and precise nature of the laser minimizes the risk of burns or other complications when performed by trained professionals.

    Safety Across Skin Types:

    HydraLite is designed to be safe for all skin types, from fair to dark. However, like any skincare treatment:

    • Individual Variations: Everyone’s skin is unique, and while the treatment is generally safe for all skin types, individual reactions can vary. This underscores the importance of a thorough consultation and skin analysis before undergoing any treatment.
    • Patch Test: For those with sensitive skin or a history of allergies, a patch test may be recommended to ensure no adverse reactions occur.
    • Expertise Matters: The safety and efficacy of the HydraLite treatment, or any aesthetic procedure, significantly depend on the expertise of the practitioner. At Skin Cosmetics London, our trained professionals ensure that each treatment is customized and safely administered according to the client’s skin needs.

    In summary, HydraLite is generally safe and suitable for all skin types. However, it’s essential to communicate openly with your skincare provider about any concerns, allergies, or medical conditions you might have to ensure the best and safest experience.

    Choosing to undergo a HydraLite treatment at Skin Cosmetics London offers you a variety of compelling benefits that make it a worthwhile investment in your skincare journey. Here’s why you should consider HydraLite:

    Comprehensive Treatment in One Session

    1. Multi-faceted Approach: HydraLite combines two of the most effective treatments—HydraFacial and Laser Genesis—to address a broad spectrum of skin concerns in a single session. From deep cleansing to collagen stimulation, you get comprehensive skin care.
    2. Time-Efficient: This 2-in-1 treatment allows you to maximize results without the need to book separate appointments for multiple treatments, saving you both time and effort.

    Targeted and Customizable

    1. Tailored to You: After a thorough skin analysis, the treatment will be customized to meet your specific skincare needs, making it incredibly personalized.
    2. Versatile: Whether you’re looking to brighten dull skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, or combat signs of ageing, HydraLite is equipped to tackle a variety of skin issues.

    Safety and Comfort

    1. Safe for All Skin Types: Designed with universal skin compatibility in mind, HydraLite is safe for all skin types, tones, and textures.
    2. No Downtime: Unlike invasive procedures that require a recovery period, HydraLite allows you to return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.

    Holistic Benefits

    1. Anti-Ageing: The treatment stimulates collagen production, contributing to a youthful appearance by reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
    2. Skin Detox: The lymphatic drainage feature in the HydraFacial component helps to detoxify your skin, aiding in overall skin health and reducing puffiness.
    3. Radiant, Even Skin Tone: Combining hydration, exfoliation, and targeted laser therapy, HydraLite can dramatically improve skin’s texture and tone, providing a natural radiance.
    4. Long-lasting Results: While results can be seen immediately, the cumulative benefits of regular HydraLite sessions can offer long-lasting improvements in skin quality and appearance.
    5. Expert Care: At Skin Cosmetics London, you’re in the hands of highly trained professionals committed to providing an unparalleled skincare experience.

    When you opt for a HydraLite treatment, you’re choosing a safe, efficient, and holistic path to revitalized and radiant skin. By addressing multiple concerns in one go, HydraLite proves to be a valuable addition to your skincare regimen.

    The HydraLite treatment at Skin Cosmetics London aims to deliver noticeable and long-lasting results. While individual outcomes can vary based on skin type and specific concerns, here are the general results you can expect:

    Immediate Results:

    1. Brighter Complexion: You will notice an immediate boost in your skin’s radiance, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion.
    2. Smoother Skin: The HydraFacial’s exfoliating and hydrating components work to make your skin feel remarkably smooth to the touch.
    3. Reduced Redness and Irritation: The Laser Genesis component is designed to target redness and signs of irritation, offering immediate calming effects.
    4. Tighter Pores: Both treatments contribute to the reduction of pore size, leading to a smoother and more youthful appearance.
    5. Detoxified Skin: The lymphatic drainage aspect of HydraFacial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and less puffy.

    Long-Term Results:

    1. Even Skin Tone: Regular HydraLite treatments can substantially improve skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation, offering you a more even and harmonious skin tone over time.
    2. Anti-Ageing: Collagen stimulation through both HydraFacial and Laser Genesis promotes firmer skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look.
    3. Improved Texture: Consistent treatments can result in smoother skin and the diminishing of acne scars or other textural irregularities.
    4. Sustained Hydration: The hyaluronic acid and other hydrating serums used in HydraFacial can provide your skin with long-lasting moisture, combatting dryness and flakiness.
    5. Controlled Acne: While not primarily an acne treatment, the blue LED light in HydraFacial and the gentle heating of Laser Genesis can help control acne-causing bacteria and inflammation, aiding in long-term acne management.
    6. Enhanced Overall Skin Health: The comprehensive nature of HydraLite means your skin receives multiple benefits that contribute to overall skin vitality and health.

    For the best and most sustained results, a series of HydraLite treatments along with an appropriate at-home skincare regimen is recommended. Our skincare professionals at Skin Cosmetics London will be happy to consult with you on how to maintain and extend the benefits of your HydraLite treatment.

    The number of HydraLite sessions you’ll need can vary based on several factors such as your skin type, specific skin concerns, and desired outcomes. Here are some general guidelines:

    For Specific Concerns:

    1. Hyperpigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone: A series of 4-6 sessions spaced about 2-4 weeks apart is often recommended for noticeable improvements.
    2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Anti-ageing results generally require a series of 4-6 sessions, with the potential for more depending on the severity of the wrinkles and lines.
    3. Texture Issues: For concerns like acne scars or rough skin texture, a minimum of 4 sessions is generally recommended, again spaced 2-4 weeks apart.
    4. General Detox and Rejuvenation: For those seeking overall skin health and a refreshed appearance, monthly sessions can be an effective maintenance strategy.

    Maintenance Sessions:

    After achieving your desired results, maintenance sessions every 2-3 months are recommended to sustain the improvements. These sessions help continue collagen production, hydration, and the other benefits offered by the HydraLite treatment.

    Personalized Approach:

    The most accurate way to determine how many sessions you’ll need is through a personalized consultation with one of our skilled estheticians at Skin Cosmetics London. After a thorough skin analysis, we can provide you with a tailored treatment plan that aligns with your skincare goals.

    It’s also worth noting that HydraLite is a cumulative treatment—meaning, the more consistently you receive it, the better the results you can expect. With each subsequent session, the benefits of the treatment become more pronounced, leading to longer-lasting results.

    Always consult with your skincare provider to determine the most effective treatment plan for you.

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    Client Testimonials

    Shravan Amin
    Shravan Amin
    15. March, 2024.
    Having been with Skin Cosmetics London for now 5 laser hair removal sessions, I wanted to express my gratitude that I chose this clinic to do my course. Goli on the front desk always creates a warm, welcoming ambiance. Parisa, the laser technican, consistently delivers treatments with the utmost empathy and consideration. Over multiple visits, Parisa's reassuring demeanor and expert care have made every session super comfortable, especially as someone who was initially apprehensive about getting laser on my face. They offer flexibility with bookings and competitive pricing. So, for anyone looking for laser hair removal, I definitely recommend Skin Cosmetics London, namely for their customer-centric approach.
    Bushra Anwar
    Bushra Anwar
    13. February, 2024.
    Great place with fantastic service, products and treatments
    Tasvi Shah
    Tasvi Shah
    2. February, 2024.
    Amazing place for laser, I highly recommend! Have had 7 sessions now and it’s been really effective. All the therapists are so lovely and the salon itself is really clean and well designed. Highly recommend to everyone!
    Abrar Mustafa
    Abrar Mustafa
    24. January, 2024.
    Best place in London we always come here from Luton
    Ihsan Khan
    Ihsan Khan
    21. January, 2024.
    Very good service using elite IQ laser in this luxurious clinic in Pinner London
    Alisha Rathor
    Alisha Rathor
    10. January, 2024.
    Amazing service by Parissa! Highly recommend, great results too!! x
    nisha khanom
    nisha khanom
    7. January, 2024.
    I had my first hydra-facial today and I am so amazed with the outcome! My skin looks and feels amazing! First I had a skin consultation which was explained to me so patiently and professionally by Parisa! I am definitely coming back for more treatments! All the staff are lovely and polite!
    mustapha elghawi
    mustapha elghawi
    22. December, 2023.
    Probably the best treatment I’ve had in my life and that is most likely an understatement! 😍
    M M
    M M
    13. December, 2023.
    Great service, excellent staff very professional and caring. Definitely recommend this place.
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