Ever wondered how celebrities always look fresh and invigorated? Let us introduce you to one of the latest Hollywood health crazes – the intravenous health infusion known as the Vitamin Drip.
A vitamin drip, or ‘vitamin therapy’ as it is sometimes referred, is an infusion of healthy vitamins delivered via IV (directly to the vein); the most common drip combination consisting of collagen, vitamin C, and glutathione. At Skin Cosmetics London, we offer a wide range of IV drips and intramuscular booster shots.
vitamin iv drips
vitamin iv drips
Our formulations have been extensively researched and chosen carefully by our expert Nutritionist, to support a healthy lifestyle and overall health and wellbeing.
For any IV treatment, a full health assessment is required. We offer bespoke protocols based on our client’s needs and requirements.
A cocktail of minerals, vitamins and amino acids is used for optimal results.


Skin Cosmetics London Vitamin drips most commonly consist of glutathione, collagen, and/or vitamin C. These components are fantastically effective for both improving the skin and preventative anti-ageing. 

Glutathione is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body. It is made up three amino acids and is, in part, what helps our body with detoxification (as well as many other of the body’s vital cell functions). Cosmetically, however, it can help to stop the production of melanin therefore lightening and brightening the skin the whole body over.

The collagen portion of a vitamin drip is what it responsible for the plumping, improved skin firmness and boosted radiance, whereas Vitamin C works as a revitalising agent, supporting new collagen production and making the skin appear more supple, bright and youthful.

Depending on the vitamin concoction: vitamin drips have been shown to bring about dramatic improvements in everything from hair growth and weight loss to adrenal fatigue and cognitive function. Glutathione-based drips, particularly, are however noted for their impacts on skin health.

Following a glutathione-based drip, you can expect to see a visible improvement in radiance, texture, plumpness, fine lines, hydration and brightness, accompanied by a feeling of an intense internal cleanse. This is because glutathione infusions are incredible for detoxification. This, along with a drastic impact on melanin production, is what leads to a significant lightening of the skin.

Vitamin drips help to replenish the natural reserves of certain chemicals and will remain effective for as long as the drip components remain present in the blood, this is – of course – dependent on the volume (in mg) administered, as well as various other factors. As a result of this, Vitamin drips will require maintenance treatments for long-term effects.

The IV route delivers 100% of each vitamin directly into your bloodstream. The difference between absorption of IV and oral vitamins is enormous.  Oral vitamins do have true benefit in ongoing maintenance and treatment.  They’re also effective in helping maintain the high levels of nutrients achieved with IV treatments.

But those nutrients must travel a laborious pathway in which many of them are lost.

That’s not the case with IV vitamins. They move directly into your body’s cells without ever passing through the gut.

Absorption levels through booster shots and infusions are much higher than oral capsules and tablets in supplementation

Booster shots are useful for clients who prefer a quick shot in the arm or glute, and those wanting maintenance top ups.

A vast majority of people (even those on a healthy diet) are nutrient deficient due to soil depletion and other factors. In other words, it is hard to get optimal radiant health level of nutrients you need by eating the right foods and taking supplements.

It generally takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour for an IV drip to be administered, and while you may feel the immediate physical effects, visible improvements to the complexion (i.e. radiance, hydration and plumping) can take up to 48 hours to become apparent.

Skin lightening, however, can take a few months to occur; with darker, more pigmented skin sometimes requiring up to 6-12 months.

Vitamin drips have no known side effects and are perfectly medically safe when given in appropriate doses.

On very rare occasions, some more sensitive patients may experience minor headache following an infusion, but this is only temporary and should dissipate within a few hours.

Vitamin drips do not require taking any time from work whatsoever. In actual fact, you will probably feel even better equipped to head off to work thanks to a boost in cognitive function!

"I feel so much more energised and it has really helped with the fatigue I was suffering with before. "
Farnaz H.
Satisfied customer


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vitamin iv drips