Oxygen Super Facial (GENEO+)

Oxygen Super Facial

Oxygen facials have become known as the ‘Celebrity Facial Treatment’, due to the ‘airbrushed’ effect achieved by this deeply replenishing treatment. Dehydrated dull skin is looks both unhealthy and aging. City worn; tired complexions benefit greatly from the illuminating effects of an Oxygen facial. This unique treatment harnesses the power of oxygen to brighten and lift the surface, and revitalise the deeper layers for a healthier, balanced result.

Geneo+ offers a hydrating facial solution for the skin, removing dead skin cells, providing a burst of oxygen, and enriching the skin in just one treatment. This treatment offers no downtime and gives the user a smoother, more youthful appearance immediately.

The Oxygen facial uses high pressured oxygen stream to push a customised serum, which comprises of small molecular structures of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and actives, into the deep layers of the skin as opposed to just sitting on the top of the skin’s surface like a typical moisturiser would.

Geneo+ is an advancement in skincare delivering 4 essential treatments simultaneously:

    2. INFUSION.

GeneO+ takes its inspiration from natural hot springs – known for inducing skin oxygenation. By stimulating this effect, Geneo+ triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the area. At the same time Geneo+ exfoliates the skin and creates an optimal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment.

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A blend of active ingredients absorbed into the skin for refreshed and revitalized appearance. This effect is further strengthened and maintained throughout the recommended series of treatments.

Fast & Efficient 

Pleasant “lunch-time” treatment with no pain and downtime. 

Immediate Results 

Unique mode of action and protocol for immediate and long-term results. 


Tailored treatment options to meet the variety of patients’ needs 

Clinically Proven 

Safe and effective clinically proven technologies, that work in synergy for optimal results

Yes, it is designed to be suitable for all skin types. However, our staff will look at your medical history and assess whether you are a suitable candidate.

There is no down-time with this treatment. It is entirely non-invasive, and most clients will even return to work straight afterwards.


We recommend at least 7 days between treatments of the same area.

The treatment is safe, pleasant and cooling and skin is left glowing and luminous. This treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and requires no preparation or aftercare, making it ideal before a big event or as a fast skin tonic.

We do, however, recommend using a hypoallergenic sunscreen for at least 24 hours following your session.

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