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Lip Fillers (also known as Lip Augmentation) are a popular treatment which can enhance lip definition, create larger, fuller lips (especially in those with thin lips), can create a more defined smile and give an overall more rejuvenated, youthful look to those who want to look younger. 
At Skin Cosmetics London, dermal fillers are used from only the most reputable medical brands, namely Juvaderm & restylane, to augment lips to create the look which you desire. 
Lip fillers are also very effective at getting rid of smokers lines & lipstick lines around the mouth. 
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lip enhancement filler skin cosmetics london

Tixel is able to resurface the skin by both ablative and non-ablative options of treatment. This means by exfoliative removal of the top layer of skin, the skin is made to make fresher & healthier, revealing younger, fresher skin cells. The versatility of Tixel allows treatment to be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.  

Tixel works by delivering 81 tiny needle-like pyramids on a titanium tip heated to 400°C. Tixel is a unique skin rejuvenation method which uses no chemicals or invasive measures that penetrate the skin.

lip filler skin cosmetics london lip filler juvaderm restylane skin cosmetics london
lip fillers juvaderm restylane skin cosmetics london juvaderm restylane skin cosmetics london

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