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Unwanted facial/body hair is a problem for many people, affecting both men and women.
Laser hair removal is an effective, relatively cheap and safe method to stop unwanted hair in the long-term.
Laser technology is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction in humans of up to 90%.
Laser hair removal is suitable for people of all skin tones, and treatment will be adjusted by our laser hair therapists based on the colour of the patient’s hair.
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A patch test is given upon your initial consultation where we will see what wavelength to use and how your skin reacts to the laser and you will be guided on the best treatment for your skin type and hair colour. At Doctors Makeover, we are using top of the range laser technology, namely Alexandrite, Cynasure Elite, Cynasure Apogee, Candela and YAG laser machines. Our range of laser equipment covers all types of hair & skin colours. In addition, we are also using state-of-the-art zimmer cooling systems for the comfort and better results of our clients. Our trained therapists have extensive experience in treating a variety of hair and skin colours with good results.


At Skin Cosmetics London, we pride ourselves on having the most advanced laser hair removal equipment from the world’s two leading medical brands in laser hair removal. We offer solutions for all skin types and offer both YAG & Alexandrite lasers to cover a broad spectrum of skin & hair types. We also have the very latest in cooling technology to make sure that your experience is as pain-free as possible, with no compromise in results. 


Grounded in science. Focused on results. Building on a legacy of trust.
Named for the unit of light from a single candle, Candela is the spark that continues to inspire an entire industry.


Always innovating. Always looking ahead.
With their comprehensive array of laser and RF technologies as well as technical, clinical and support services, Cynosure helps providers maximise growth and opportunities. While providing patients with the cutting edge treatments and services they deserve.
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With 50 years experience, Zimmer MedizinSystems has become a leading medical device manufacturer. Zimmer focuses on creating cutting-edge, quality products for Aesthetics, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine and Podiatry. 


How does laser hair removal compare to other methods?

Hair Removal Methods
Advantages of Each Method of Hair Removal
Disadvantages of Each Method of Hair Removal
Hair Removal by Electrolysis
Needs special skills to be effective in the long-term.
Painful, risk of scarring. May take a long time (years) to obtain results. Skin irritation, abrasions and cuts. Expensive.
Hair Removal by Epilatories
Easy and relatively painless to perform. Can be done for any area. Hair may regrow less in the long-term.
Temporary measure. Chemical smell skin irritation and rash. Hair may grow faster.
Hair Removal by Laser and Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)
Relatively painless, depending on the equipment. Fast laser hair removal, almost permanent. Can be used for any area of the body. Can be used on all types of skin.
Lasers are more effective than Intensive Pulse Light (IPL). Need a course of 6 sessions. Does not effect white hairs. May cause skin discolouration but almost all are temporary. Superficial burn is a known rare complication.
Hair Removal by Shaving
Relatively easy to perform. Can be done quickly. Cheap but in the long-term adds up.
Temporary, fast re-growth. Skin irritation, abrasions and cuts. Ingrowing hairs.
Hair Removal by Threading
Can be done quickly. Hairs might grow slow
Temporary measure. Discomfort and pain. Can be on certain areas such as eyebrows and face
Hair Removal by Waxing
Relatively easy to perform. Can be done quickly and last about 4 weeks. Hair may grow finer in the long term.
Temporary measurediscomfort and pain. Hair may grow faster.
Hair Removal by epilation
Relatively easy to perform. Can be done quickly and last about 4 weeks. Hair may regrow finer and less in the long term.
Temporary measure, needs regular repeats. Skin irritation and abrasions. Discomfort and pain and ingrowing hairs. Hair may grow faster


Let one of our expert team guide you through your skin journey. Book a free, no-obligation consultation for any of our treatments, or book a free skin analysis to better understand your skin and how you can improve its health. We will offer impartial, reliable advice and sign post you to the correct treatments and skincare regime, in line with your budget. 

skin cosmetics london laser hair removal